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Whom this book is oriented to
The structure of this book

Part I


Chapter I
Introductory Concepts

Fallible man
The Implications of human fallibility
The struggle against fallibility - Primitive terms and definitions
Gender and species Quality and quantity
The individual and society
Physical Relativity

Part II


Chapter II
Economic Causality

Human need
Economic goods

Chapter III
Economic Agent

Types of economic agents

Chapter IV
Economic goods
Types of economic goods

According to the time period intervening in the satisfaction of a need
According to the purpose their owner assigns them
According to the flow of the biunivocal relation 'economic goods-owner'
According to durability
According to the moment of their existence relative to the existence of their owner
According to their being generic ('fungible') or specific ('non fungible') economic goods
According to their material composition
According to their mutual relations, relative to the need they satisfy
Other classifications
How Economic Science Deals With Economic Goods
Wealth and savings of economic goods: equations
Equation of inventory of economic goods
Equation of economic goods flows
The current equation of economic goods flow versus ours
Economic goods inventory rotation
Unemployed economic goods
The Value of Economic Goods
The 'value' of economic goods is 'subjective'
The incommensurability of subjective value
Conservation of subjective value
Imputation of the value of economic goods

Chapter V
Intertemporal Exchange

Economic Time
Economic time is an economic good
The value of economic time
Intertemporal Exchange Of Economic Goods - "Theory of Economic Relativity"
Types of intertemporal exchanges (Intrapersonal - Intertemporal)

Chapter VI
Interpersonal Exchange
Definition, economic goods and the value of interpersonal exchanges
The moral aspect of interpersonal exchange
There is only one interpersonal exchange
Interpersonal Exchange and peace
Types Of Interpersonal Exchange
According to the temporal existence of economic goods
According to the time period intervening in the satisfaction of a need
Non-Compliance In Interpersonal Exchange
Interpersonal Price Of Economic Goods

Variation of prices in time
Present and future prices
Economic Calculation
Quality And Quantity In Economics

Chapter VII
The need for liquidity
Liquidity and economic unit of measure
The functions of money
Money in interpersonal exchange
Money is only one thing
Types of money
Money Substitutes
Types of money substitutes
- Fiduciary media (FM)
- Commodity credit
- Circulation credit
- Commodity-money
- Token money
- Credit money
- Fiat money
- Metallic money
- Paper currency (PC)
- Accounting money
- Bank money
Other Aspects Of Money
Quantity of money - money in a restricted and general sense
Endogenous and exogenous money
Internal and external money
The Value Of Money
Virtual Money
The Money Regression Theorem
Variation Of The Value Of Money
The Price Of Money
Real (Relative) And Monetary (Absolute) Prices
Neutrality Of Money
Trust In Money - Monetary Devaluation
Quality And Quantity Of Money

Quality of money
Quantity of money
Quality and quantity of money

Chapter VIII
The Value Of Credit
The Price Of Credit -"Interest"
Other Aspects Of Credit

The inconsistency of speaking of different types of interest according to each economic good
The inconsistency of speaking of real and monetary interest
Interest is the price of credit, not of money
Credit is trust
The different "levels" (rates) of the price of credit (interest)
Credit Types
Materialization of credits
 * Real credit
 * Virtual credit
 * IC - Paper currency (PC)
 * IC - Circulating or bank credit (FM)
Accounting Consolidation As Corroboration Of The Theory Of Credit
Is Manipulating Circulation, Virtual, Or Bank Credit Necessary?
Quality And Quantity Of Credit

Quality of credit
Quantity of credit
Quality and quantity of credit
The Dangerous Credit Chain
Causality Of Credit

Is credit wealth?
Causality of credit

Chapter IX
Credit And Liquidity
The Economy Without Money
Economic Relativity Revisited
The Theory Of Liquidity And Economic Measure
The Dangerous Credit Chain (Continued)
Consequences Of The Causality Of Credit
Liquidity And Economic Cycles
The Needs For Liquidity And Measure
Neutrality Of Credit
Paradox Of Interest

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