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The present work can be considered under two different aspects:

SCIENTIFIC: it reveals the mistakes of current monetary  [currency] and macro-economic theories that prevent them from solving monetary [currency] crises adequately. This unsatisfactory state of things is admitted by all scientists and specialists.
In the theories presented here you will find a new theoretical framework that corrects the mistakes of monetary [currency] theory, which appear -after Menger- with Wicksell, and include the works of Mises, Hayek, Keynes, Friedman, and others.

SOCIO-POLITICAL: this work proves that popular dissatisfaction is right in repudiating a national and international financial order that promotes "speculation" against "production". Also, it reveals the huge danger underlying democracies that allow totalitarian practices in the national and international financial order, promoted by the errors of current economic theories. The theories expounded here are superior to all others in existence, and at the same time help discover a new path to achieving the goal of "each and all, better off".

THIS WORK IS OF INTEREST TO: scientists, economists, advisors, politicians, businessmen, executives, jurists, ("devaluation"-"frozen-deposits"-"pesification"), teachers, students, and in general all those involved or interested in economic problems.


A great scientific discovery for democracy and freedom!
A scientific blow to totalitarianism!
An economics for generating wealth with equality!
In an irregular monetary system it is impossible for the Central Bank to be independent from political authorities, and in a regular monetary [currency] system its existence is unnecessary!
Scientifically discover the connivance of banks-politics!



A work for:

  • SCIENTISTS-TEACHERS-STUDENTS: This is a scientific work that presents a new macro-economic theory, revealing the theory of money [currency] that specialized scientists have been insistently looking for. The new theory presented here exposes the inconsistencies of current macro-economics:

I=S Equilibrium, Phillips curves, aggregate supply and demand, Mises' regression model, inflation, unemployment, real versus monetary rates and prices, price dichotomy, monetary crisis, economic cycles, balance of payments, exchange rate, bank credit, independence of central banks, the liquidity trap, the "ancient relic", Say, Gresham, transmission mechanism, zero or negative interest rates, neutral money, exogenous money, underconsumption, etc.

  • ACCOUNTANTS:How to learn economics based on accounting. Accounting becomes more powerful.
  • ECONOMISTS AND COMPANY ADVISORS: The new monetary [currency] and macro-economic theory that reveals what is behind all other current theories.
  • POLITICIANS: A great discovery for democracy and freedom, and a hard blow against totalitarianism.
  • JURISTS: There are no more gaps in science that justify juridical mistakes in monetary [currency] crisis ("devaluation"-"pesification"-"frozen-deposits").
  • BUSINESSMEN AND EXECUTIVES: How to generate wealth with equality, gaining recognition from the community in the process


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