Economic Theory (continued)


In this section you will find everything related to the theoretical aspect of the Theory of Economic Relativity. Given that you will find the complete development in Carlos Bondone's book, here it is  presented a guide with its scientific contents: the formulation of theories; the corroboration (accounting) and comparatives with other current theories; and a simple preview about its application to concrete ecomomic problems..

The theoretical aspect is made up of the following sections:


DEVELOPMENT (book): It contains a textual transcription of passages from the book.
Introduction: Objective Whom this book is oriented to The Structure of this book.
Book Covers and Flaps: Textual transcription..
Glossary of concepts: This is a textual transcription of the new concepts introduced to the economic world by the TER and the current concepts subject to a critique (monetary and macroeconomic).
Analytical Index: It is transcripted in order to show that we are in front of a complete development of both monetary [currency] and macroeconomic theories.


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