Carlos Alberto Bondone

Carlos Bondone


Author of the Theory of Economic Relativity (TER) developed in his book: Theory of Economic Relativity - Solution to Monetary Crises - A critique to current economic theories: Austrians, Keynesians and Quatitativists. (Distal publishing, Buenos Aires, 2006)

High school complete with a major at Accounting from Colegio Gernimo Luis de Cabrera (Crdoba city) and Colegio Nacional Juan B. Alberti (Venado Tuerto city).

National Public Accountant degree from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. (carreer done in 2 years and 8 months, when its programed to be done in 5 years.)

Owner of Estudio Bondone. Business consultancy specialized in Strategic Planning and Economy.
 Ex-President and major shareholder of a software development company oriented to public and private administration, based on the guidelines noted down in his book Accountancy of knowledge.

Ex-Secretary of Finance (in two oportunities) for Venado Tuerto's County Office, Santa F province, Argentina.
Author of and adviser for administrative and fiscal county legislation

Ex bank syndic and auditor-adviser for an Insurrance company.

Ex adviser and member of Commercial and Industrial chambers.

Dissertator in diverse places about Economy and Public Accountancy.

Author of several papers on economy and accountancy, in both newspapers and specialized magazines, and columnist for diverse radio and television broadcasts.

Ex President of Vendado Tuertos Jockey Club

Honorary diploma as a Number Member of the Argentinian Economic, Legal and Social Studies Council.

Dissertator at the International Congress: "The Austrian School in the XXI century" about his Theory of Economic Relativity (TER) -Rosario, Argentina-.

Giver of a seminar on Social Economy (for the "each and all, better off" while we become more, as a consecuence of the fact that we are different) at the Arendt Institute (Argentina).

Author of the book Accountancy of Knowledge - its application in public and private administration - Buyatti publishing, Buenos Aires 2000.  

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