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“Capitalism and Currency – Theory of Economic Time (TET) – Proposal to overcome CURRENCY CRISES”. - Study of real currency crises: Argentina 2001/2 – Current worldwide crisis. (2009)

In this work we observe three central aspects, two methodological and a third of theoretical relevance:

  • Carlos Bondone chooses only one subject, currency, among all those he discussed in his first work.
  • Without losing his well known scientific rigor, he presents an easy-reading language.
  • He incorporates in his theories a central and convincing concept, the one of “permanent fallibility: (i > 0)”, which expresses another exclusive condition of the economic time – to be an eternally economic good. Yes, the other economic goods can acquire and lose this condition, but the economic time accompanies the human being during all his existence.

Based on the laws derived from the Theory of Economic Time (TET), this book presents a new paradigm, in opposition to the dominant ones, which allows us to understand the incompatibility between capitalism and the current financial-currency systems.

The author achieves to explain with a simple language, but with scientific rigor, the reasons for the necessarily recurrent currency-financial crises with very concrete proposals to overcome the worldwide crises of our days.

After reading this book, you will be able to understand why it is impossible to disregard, when talking about currency and finances, the debates about capitalism/collectivism and democracy/authoritarianism. The same happens with the authoritarian component of the dominant financial-currency theoretical paradigm which operates as an obstacle to the virtuous circle of capitalism.

The financial-currency theoretical proposal presented here is about more free man, fewer controls. Nowadays the worst scourges to freedom are the current financial-currency systems. In short, at the end of this brief and enjoyable book, the reader will understand the following topics:

  • Currency is used as an instrument for the general control of prices.
  • The market is incompatible with the current irregular financial systems.
  • The financial authoritarianism is the origin of the currency crises, recurrent in capitalism
  • The reason why the current financial systems are collectivist and not capitalist.
  • Neither the market, nor the politicians, the speculators or the lack of controls are to be blamed for the currency crises. It is THE THEORY´S fault.
  • Central Banks are necessary to the political power, not to the free human being.
  • The reason for the Central Banks to exist is exclusively political.
  • The independence between the Central Bank and the political power is impossible.
  • Capitalism has shown to be an exceptional tool despite the totalitarian financial systems.
  • Currency (money or crédito) always has its origin in the market, never in the State.
  • STUDY OF REAL FINANCIAL-CURRENCY CRISES: Argentina 2001/2 - Current worldwide crisis.


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