PRICE FOCUS (An Austrian Theory of the Firm)

This text is in recognition of Karl Popper (epistemological theory of evolution) and Ludwig von Mises (impossibility of calculation under socialism, which inspired the concept of the "difficulty of calculation under capitalism with monetary-financial totalitarian systems", necessary causal recurring crises), true predecessors of the approach proposed here of a Price Theory of the Firm.

An Austrian Theory of the Firm


This text is intended as a test-proposal of a theory of the firm supported by the basic tenets of the Austrian School.

More precisely, it is based on the new Austrian ideas contained in the Economic Theory of Time and others derived from it (Theory of Interest; Currency Money and its Currency Theorem with Equality and Equivalence Axioms; Theory of Decision, Knowledge and Ignorance Curves that converge in the Curve of Human Evolution, etc.) contained in this website.

Buenos Aires, November 2012.

Carlos A. Bondone

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