Curve of Human Evolution

Curve of Human Evolution (*)

A Theory of decision based on knowledge and ignorance

The present work is a revised and extended version of the original presented by the author in the course of “History of Economic Thought”, part of the Economics PhD Program of the SWISS MANAGEMENT CENTER. The work presented received an A+ (100).

From the theory of decision, resulting in the curve of progress (human progress in society), that derives from the confrontation of the curve of knowledge and the curve of ignorance, presented here, we deduce that it will no longer be necessary to recur to the –deeply intuitive and correct- concepts of Adam Smiths’s “invisible hand”, and Menger and Hayek’s “spontaneous order”, to explain the correlation of individual progress, concomitant with that of the society to which the individual belongs.

The conclusions of this text allow us to say:

  • That the Theory of Decision presented here, based on Karl Popper’s and Friedrich A. Hayek’s epistemological fundamentals and the Theory of Economic Time (TET) have a scientific-mathematical corroboration (Curve of progress).
  • Individual freedoms are essential when establishing the institutions related to generating and applying knowledge (twin freedoms).

After the “Curve of Human Evolution”, it is very possible that terms such as “freedom”, “elites”, “social justice”, “democracy”, so sensitive to human nature, will be treated in a knowledgeable-scientific context, and not as a marketing tool with the simple and spurious object of obtaining popular approval.

Buenos Aires, May 2012.

Carlos A. Bondone

(*) Replaces the original title: Curve of Progress (July 2012).

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