Curve of Human Evolution (Continuation)

This text, that pretends to give scientific-mathematical-probabilistic and universal rigorousness to epistemology, is a “very personal” tribute to thinkers of the importance of Carl Menger, Karl Popper, and Friedrich A. Hayek, “very intimate intellectual friends”, that I believe would be very satisfied to consider this work as a continuation of their huge contributions to the methodology of the sciences



The curve of human evolution:

  • Gives epistemology mathematical-probabilistic-universal rigorousness.
  • Rejects the invisible hand and the prisoner’s dilemma explaining the correlation between individual and collective interests.
  • It renders unnecessary the concepts of “spontaneous order” and “disperse knowledge”.
  • Gives scientific rigorousness to the process of decisional delegation, and professional rank to the activity of the social representative, considering that the increase of knowledge and of the number of individuals imply the feasibility of an increase in individual ignorance.

Buenos Aires, July 2012.

Carlos A. Bondone

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